Volunteer Opportunities

Ready to make a difference for our students? We need your help!

The PTA is a group of every-day parents who are interested in doing what they can to make a real impact on the students at Spring Run Elementary. Regardless of your skills, or availability, we can find a way that you can lend a hand to help ensure the success of our students.

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Let us know what you feel you are ready to tackle, and we’ll help you find a great fit in the Husky familyWe need you, please contact us today.

Ready to step up to plate and go to bat for our students and teachers? The position of PTA President calls for someone who is an excellent communicator, organized, and ready to lead a group to achieve the PTA’s goals.

As the face of the PTA to our Spring Run community, the President works to understand the varied and complex needs of our students, teachers, and parents and charts a plan for everyone to achieve success. Often this is done by organizing and leading meetings, lots of delegating, and being ready to make decisions, consider options, and find compromises. Come share your passion for education, and help us make Spring Run a place all of our Huskies love to learn! For all the specifics, check out our PTA bylaws or contact us.

Vice President of Programs
For you, happiness is a well defined plan, a team of busy volunteers, and the laughter of hundreds of our students. The role of our Vice President of Programs is to be responsible for coordinating the programs and activities that the PTA makes available for our Spring Run community. This role is for someone motivated by the seeing carefully laid plans all come together perfectly, and who is organized enough to keep up with both long-term planning for events like our Spring Fling, as well as keeping tabs on smaller activities like spirit nights.

Want to leave your mark? The First Vice President plays a key part in determining our event calendar for the year, and making sure we’ve budgeted our funds to provide a great program. You’ll work with teams of volunteers to execute each event, and become good friends with the PTA Volunteer Coordinator. Huskies just want to have fun, and our First Vice President is the one who helps create those opportunities.  For all the specifics, check out our PTA bylaws or contact us.

Vice President of Ways & Means
Success doesn’t happen by mistake, and our Vice President of Ways and Means is the one acting behind the scenes to make it all happen. This is the perfect role for someone passionate about ensuring the PTA runs smoothly, but who is great at working independently, and needs the flexibility to work around their busy personal schedule. The Second Vice President needs to be detail oriented to ensure that fundraisers are successful, that we’ve researched and picked the best vendors, and that the PTA has the runway to make our programs take-off!

Expect to attend two PTA meetings a month, and then volunteer by your own schedule to enable our PTA to best serve our students, teachers, and community. Our Second Vice President is a key to our PTA’s success, and in building and fostering a vibrant Spring Run community.  For all the specifics, check out our PTA bylaws or contact us.

Vice President of Membership
Are you ready to build a community, and foster a great family environment at Spring Run? Our Vice President of Membership communicates membership details to our Spring Run families, and handles the record keeping as we recruit parents and teachers. You’ll find yourself collecting information for making the annual Spring Run PTA directory, using technology to manage family information, and tracking progress on dues collection.

Although our initial membership drive and kindergarten orientation will need active involvement, generally our Third Vice President is able to work around their own personal schedule as an individual contributor to the Spring Run PTA’s success. If you are passionate about community, excited about meeting your neighbors, and ready to help our PTA grow, then the position of Third Vice President is the perfect fit.  For all the specifics, check out our PTA bylaws or contact us.

Recording Secretary
Ever hear two people passionately arguing who aren’t aware they actually want the same thing? The role of our Recording Secretary is to ensure we are all on the same page, and it is always clear what we want, what we’ve decided, or what we’re going to do. This role is all about ensuring transparency throughout everything the PTA does, and it is up to our secretary to take the official minutes, keep handy a copy of the PTA bylaws, and be ready to point out previous conversations and discussions.

Without a doubt, no one will gain a better understanding of the ins-and-outs of the PTA than the Recording Secretary.  In this role, your confidence using technology, organization, and writing skills make you a critical participant at our PTA meetings. With a relatively small time commitment, the Recording Secretary is the perfect way to make a big impact on our school — even with limited availability.  For all the specifics, check out our PTA bylaws or contact us.

The buck starts here, and it is the Treasurer’s role to make sure our finances are ready to enable the great activities, programs, and opportunities that make a big difference in the lives of students and teachers. Whether you are documenting receipts, writing reimbursement checks, or helping guide the executive board through creating an annual budget — everything you do is the first step in creating success stories at Spring Run. This role requires someone comfortable taking responsibility for counting money, recording transactions, and sharing the state of our PTA finances in a way that’s easily understandable for our members.

Our PTA Treasurer makes good friends with our community bank tellers, and often meets one-on-one with board members and PTA volunteers to issue checks or collect funds. As the treasurer, you’ll use tools like QuickBooks Online to document and track our PTA finances, so comfort with technology and digital record keeping will be a big help. Even the best laid plans can’t be successful without the finances to make them happen, and the PTA Treasurer and their passion for finances, make them the great enabler for each and every student at Spring Run. For all the specifics, check out our PTA bylaws or contact us.

Other Opportunities

There are many ways, big and small, that you can use your talents and time to benefit our students. Here are a couple of other ways you might be interested in contributing!

Cafeteria Support
We are looking to add to our volunteer team for 2015! This would involve helping students with opening containers, answering questions and supporting teachers while they try to take a short lunch break. A little goes a long way, contact us to get involved!

Room Parents
A Room Parent is the primary liaison between the teacher and students’ families. As a room parent, you have volunteered to assist the teacher with support activities, thus allowing the teacher more time to focus on the mission of educating students. The extent of class involvement varies from teacher to teacher. Keep in mind, your job is not to do all the work, but to lead and delegate.

This is a unique opportunity to get to know and serve your child’s teacher and a wonderful opportunity to make the 2014-2015 school year extra special for your child and their classmates. Contact us to get involved!

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator
Our teachers are our number one asset at Spring Run, and they are the cornerstone in providing an excellent education for our students. As the Teacher Appreciation Coordinator, your communication skills play a key role in ensuring that our teachers understand the value we place on their efforts in the classroom each and every day. Contact us to get involved!

Parent Room Coordinator
The Parent Room Coordinator creates an atmosphere of support and an active community of parents inspired to jump in and get the job done to ensure each student gets the best elementary school experience. Contact us to get involved!

Council PTA Representative
Without a doubt, our council representative is our eyes and ears to the larger PTA organization.  WIth a low time commitment, they attend the monthly county PTA meetings and help us keep on top of opportunities and information about PTA events going on across communities. Contact us to get involved!

Library Support
Our school librarians would like 1 or 2 volunteers to assist in the library. You would be assisting the younger students with their book selections as well as helping to shelve and checkout books. Sign Up Copy Room Our instructional aides are in need of assistance in the copy room. Working in the copy room allows our Instructional Assistants to help in the classrooms, where they are really needed. It also provides extra support to our teachers, which is extremely appreciated. Contact us to get involved!